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Essential Line

Our story as Chandlers

With this first Candle Collection, Candle Salon Amsterdam designed 8 luxurious scents to warm your candle heart with excitement.


These amazing Candles tell a global story about our journey as chandlers: Malibu Vibes refers to a holiday our family very much enjoyed at the Beaches of California. Cocoboo is a scent that reminds us of our tropical background & vibes.

And the scent of Amber Amour is  for the love we share, care & pampering.


Create your own family memories as our candles bring you joy, ambiance and the feeling of well-being!

Hand Poured in white gloss coated glasses with a touch of gold to match each and everyone’s interior. Don't forget to check out the Essential Line Refills. 


The Candles are very very luxurious! I call it Eco-Friendly Luxury. The scents create a relaxed atmosphere which makes me think of a spa but then at home. I LOVE them. 

Daphne  / Owner Daffie Be Proud

The Candles smell amazing. I have Amber Amour in my bedroom and Malibu Vibes in my living room. The scents fill the room for a long time. It is joy and pleasure every evening. 

Maciba / Nurse 

My second order in one week. I bought the mini candles last week as tryouts and I am totally hooked. Amazing candles!!

Glenda  / Owner Toespijs

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