At Candle Salon, we offer a custom candle service. You can now offer your customers your line of candles. Are you a Party Planner, Retailer, Fashion or Interior, beautician, we can make your own branded line of candles.   

Candle Salon is Eco-friendly, Vegan Candles
​All Candle Salon candles are made with the most eco-friendly vegetable wax made from the Brassica napus flower and the finest perfumes and essential oils. Our candles are vegan and free from additives, petroleum, preservatives, and phthalates. Our custom candles are designed in collaboration with you. Your thoughts, your ideas, and your inspirations. 

We offer Private Label, White Label or Contract Manufacturing.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. 


Wedding Gifts

Surprise your guests with these customs wedding candle gifts

Are you looking for lovely and memorable gifts for your wedding guests? We make these beautiful little candles custom with your names and wedding date. 

These candles make excellent favors. 

Your guests will absolutely love it and memorize your wedding a long time afterward. 


Surprise your guests with these custom 

baby shower candle gifts

Congratulations! You or someone close to you is expecting. A true miracle accrued. And as we do nowadays, we throw a gender reveal parties and

baby showers.

You have invited your best friends and family members to celebrate this beautiful new stage with you.

You have arranged beverages, canapés and the most awesome party decorations. You and your loved ones are having a fantastic time.  After the games are played and drinks are drunk, you would like to make sure your guests have a nice and memorable gift to take home.


Order unique and personalized candles.  

Let us know how you would like to have it.

Baby Shower

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