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Living the Green Life is the most complete plant-based platform in the Netherlands. They inspire with a range of possibilities to make your own choices so easily. A lifestyle without "must".

LTGL shares delicious simple recipes and make food videos that make vegan cooking even easier. They also make cookbooks, give lifestyle tips and keep you informed about all kinds of hotspots and new products. 

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Monique, the owner of Sam Store and More created a nice and relaxed ambiance that makes everybody feel at ease. This beautiful Concept store is unique in its kind with the limited pieces in Fashion, Homeware, Lifestyle, Gifts and Fairtrade Coffee.


The place to be for healthy-looking skin. Mr. Diop is the only Dutch-based epidemiologist trained in skin health and cosmetics. The store sells the best brands in its industry from all over the world. He believes in the skin’s ability to retrain itself to keep a youthful glow, with the help of his pure vitamins, the right cosmetics and a healthy lifestyle.


Shirley came up with the inspiration for Bridal Lxry Boxes from the national and international weddings that she has been hosting for 10 years with Bloom Weddings & Events.  She was missing a concept where all the beautiful luxury products came together to style the run-up to the big day. 


Les Petites Demoiselles is an online store specialized in scented candles and other accessories that will make you feel at home in your own world, created by Déborah. In this shop, you will also find tips, tricks and articles in their blog section, a true realization of a passion for scents and scented candles.


Raw Philosophy Cosmetics (RPC) is a beauty consulting agency founded by Monica Meye, an all-natural beauty expert based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). RPC is inspired by nature and its benefits representing beauty from the inside out. They are specialized in brand management, product development, sales and distribution. Their focus lies in Green-oriented Beauty and Lifestyle brands. 


Moniek and Astrid, the founders of Beauty4skin are particularly interested in sustainable brands that have thought about preserving nature, but also about preserving our body and especially our skin. This means that they do not sell any products that have been tested on animals or contain animal ingredients. Beauty4skin is a webshop full of passion for natural, organic, pure, cruelty-free and VEGAN skincare and cosmetics. 

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Is your store or salon a great match for our hand-poured, organic and luxury scented candles? We believe that luxury can be well blended with consciousness. Do you have the same value and philosophy?

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