I have the Cocoboo and Sunset Orange candles. These two are my favorite at the moment. Rather price, but very much worth it. Love the packaging and the personally written note that comes with it. It was also a great pleasure to unbox the parcel. 

Sophie / Owner Juicy Storess

The Candle Salon candles smell amazing. The scents stay in your house for a long time. When you re-enter your house, you walk into a paradise of the scented candle. I have all different kinds of scents and they all smell very good. And the Candle with the sparkles is not just pretty to watch, it smells amazing too.

Thank you Candle Salon Amsterdam. 

Rachida / Human Resources Advisor

Beautiful Candles, perfect products, excellent service, and the Candle last a very long time. Salty Orchid is my favorite.

Mine house smells amazing, even the next day. 

Chantal   / Project manager