Wooden Bowl Collection 

Scent free

Our Wooden Bowl collection consists out of 2 sizes organic mango wooden bowls filled with pure Brassica Wax. Whether you go for the Small size or the Maxi size, they are both generously hand poured with 100% pure Brassica Wax for an ultimate clean burn.


The Small size has 3 wicks and approx 600 grams of pure Brassica Wax. The Maxi size has 7 wicks and almost 2 kilograms of pure Brassica Wax.


As Candle Salon is a sustainable candle company, we would love for you to give this maxi wooden bowl a new purpose once all the candle wax is burned out. Both sizes are also available as refill with only the wax.  We would love to inform you how.