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About Our Candles

About Our

Eco-friendly, luxury, candles.

The idea of Candle Salon was born after enjoying a beautiful evening when lighting a candle. We wanted to capture this feeling, the ambiance, the joy, excitement and love in our own candle collection. Also was it no longer an option to consume candles made with paraffin. We felt that there would be options to make high-end candles that are safe, luxurious and greatly scented.

We started to study the candle making business for months and created an in-depth formula for our own luxury candle collection from A to Z. 
As a result, a true diamond for your homes.

The reason our candles are the best candles to light in the company of your loved ones is that our candles are made with the most eco-friendly vegetable wax made from the Brassica napus flower and the finest perfumes and essential oils.


Brassica Napes flower is a vibrant bright yellow flower crop commonly seen in France, UK, and also in the Netherlands. It blooms in the summer. I choose this wax from the Brassica napes flower for Candle Salon candles because it is produced in Europe, completely sustainably with no issues of intensive farming or deforestation and free of GMO. Brassica wax is cruelty-free and non-hazardous to both humans & wildlife. Studies show that the wax of the Brassica napus flower has proven to be biodegradable and is therefore harmless to people and nature.

Also, our candles are free from additives, petroleum, preservatives, and phthalates. And our hand-poured in small batches working method ensures high quality and craftsmanship.

​The scented candles come in a luxurious white glass jar and rigid box.

Eco-friendly, luxury, candles. Enjoy our candles in your lovely home with your loved ones.

About Us


Welcome to Candle Salon. My name is Madeleine Romero. I was born in Cote d’Ivoire and moved to the Netherlands at the age of five. Growing up I remember only a few events that regard interior design and my love for fragrances. My parents did not care much about interior design. Except for the fact that we did have two blue velvet couches with bold flower designs on it. Quite bold, even for that time in the 8o’s.

Before I started my candle company, I worked for several large international fashion designer brands. One time, I got a gift voucher for a luxury cosmetics store in Amsterdam from my colleagues. I really wanted to take my time to find something very nice to redeem the voucher.  Months went by and before I even realized, my voucher was laying on my desk untouched for several months. Until my colleague suggested that I buy a scented candle from a luxurious French brand. As I could not decide which candle to buy, I gave him the voucher and asked him to choose the candle that would suit me the best. And so he did. Little did he know that he is the spark of the beginning of my new journey. 


When I lit the candle, Even though I have scented candles before, this was a totally new and different experience. The scent, the ambiance, the joy, the love. Wow, I was sold. Literally.

“A new world unfolded in front of me.”

I felt it so strongly! In fact, I knew I had to do something with this feeling. I wanted to capture this feeling and turn it into my own candle label. I am now the founder of Candle Salon and Chandelier of organic candles.

For months, I studied the candle business. Luckily I found out in the early beginnings that many candle brands use paraffin as the main ingredient. Why I say luckily, is because that was key and fundamental because…..

“I knew there are other and better options.”

As Candle Salon grew enormously in a very short time, I got help from my family members. Not only from my daughters, but also my husband and sons have now become parts of Candle Salon.

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