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Why you should not buy cheap candles?

Many types of candles are available in the market. Their pricing also ranges from a dollar to a few hundred dollars.

Candles have been the source of light in human civilization since time immemorial. It is believed that candles originated in Egyptian times made by soaking the pithy core of reeds in melted animal fat. In addition to lighting, candles also have decorative value. This has been passed down to generation over time and has not only become a source of light but also a symbol for celebration for over 5,000 years.

To this day, candles are used for decorative and celebration purposes from in-house domestic places to industrial spaces. They are also widely used in spas to create that calming soothing ambience. Candles and their uses have been so appreciated that many times, after a long day at work, as soon as you step into your home at night, you immediately reach for your favourite candle as it spreads a warm light, aromatic small and soothing ambience into your living space. This is why choosing the right type and quality of the candle is very important.

Many types of candles are available in the market. Their pricing also ranges from a dollar to a few hundred dollars. This price range comes for a reason. The wax used in making the candle, the wick material, types of material used, the container etc. all have a big role to play in the quality of the candle and course not to forget: the price. So before jumping right on to the cheaper quality candle, here is why you should consider splurging a little for better quality options.

Quality of wax

Most cheap candles are made of paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is made from oil residuals and are not only pollutants but also release toxic Various researches have shown that exposure to burning particles of poor-quality candles causes greater damage than the same dose of diesel exhaust fumes. The harmful effects of such poor-quality candles that contain harmful wax material include lung inflammation, toxicity, ageing effect and so on.

Environmental damage

Poor quality candles contain various components that release chemicals into the air. From the wick to the wax, poor quality materials when burned cause an increase in particulate air pollution, specifically indoor air pollution which is harmful to humans as well as pets. A study in Denmark showed that 60% of ultra-fine particles in Danish homes came from burning low-quality candles. Hence, from an environmental point of view too, one should not immediately jump for cheap and low-quality candles.


One of the distinguishing factors of a good quality candle from a bad one is small. Bad quality candles often give a string small that can induce a headache. These are made of artificial fragrances that too, emit toxic vapours. High-quality candles include natural fragrances with evenly distributed fragrance oil made from natural sources like essential oils. Likewise, the fragrance of cheap and low-quality candles fades over time. The scent doesn’t stay the same. On the other hand, higher-end candles are characterized by a fragrance that lasts over the lifetime of the candles.

Longevity and performance

Low-quality candles that are on the cheaper sideburn out quickly. In addition to this, the flame might be uneven and flicker. A good quality candle will burn out evenly and for a longer time. Cheaper quality candles also do not burn very well. Tunnel formation can be observed in candles that are not well made or candles that are made using low-quality materials. Cheaper candles also have a very unstable flame, unlike better quality candles that burn more gracefully.

Lead wick

Low and cheaper quality candles have a wick that contains lead in it. The wicks are also often not trimmed. If a lead core is present, please return the candle and ask for a refund immediately. Burning a lead wick can be extremely poisonous cause permanent health effects. Likewise, wick in cheaper quality candles may also contain dirt and grit.

Other materials

Another factor that is to be noticed when buying cheaper candles is the container. Containers of poor-quality candles often cannot tolerate the heat and break. This causes leakage and are aesthetically unpleasant. Some with metal containers form rust and stain table surfaces. This is something one cannot easily distinguish while buying a new candle. Hence it is a better option to buy little pricier but better-quality candles.

Buying candles are an investment in your home. Besides bringing a beautiful ambience, you also need to be more health and environment conscious. It is important to invest in a good quality candle without bargaining for cheaper and bad quality candles that potentially harm your health, the environment and the performance of the candle. Regardless of what your reason might be for buying candles, always opt for a better quality although on the pricier side so that you can appreciate the fragrance for a longer time and be better for your health in addition to enhancing the appearance of your home.

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