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How to save money on electricity bills with candles

Often, we tend to take lighting facilities for granted. We, as a growing civilization, have become very reliant on electricity as a source of illumination and heating. However, recent times have shown us how expensive electricity can be with rising energy costs. Even during power cuts, we have to rely on generators run by fossil fuels as an electricity source. It has been clear that we have become very dependent on synthetic energy sources throughout the centuries.

Energy prices are rising at an alarming rate every day. Especially with what’s in going on in the world with skyrocketing oil and gas prices, many people are finding it difficult to pay for energy. It is also a sign for us to realize that it is high time to think about finding alternatives to using conventional energy.

Electricity bills have been rising every day, and many people are opting for alternate sources to cut down on energy bills. If you are one of those people, using candles as an alternate source of illumination could be for you. Besides providing a source of light, lighting candles in a home, in general, has many pros.

Here are some reasons why lighting candles instead of lighting electric bulbs could benefit you and your wallet!

1. Save on electricity bills.

With energy prices and oil and gas prices rising every day, it has become evident that a huge portion of our income is solely consumed by energy bills. Well, if only it were known that burning candles for light sources could help you save on energy. Governments around the world are trying to rely more on renewable sources of energy and reduce the use of coal and oil-based fuel sources. It is to be expected that the price of carbon emission will increase, eventually increasing the bill of power per hour. As a result, a further rise in energy costs is highly inevitable.

Leaning on to a cheaper source of light could potentially save a great deal of cash. One of those alternatives is lighting candles.

While it is unavoidable to run various household appliances without electric power, lighting in our home space and rooms can easily be replaced by using candles.

In most parts of the world, candles are cheaper than electricity. Even though you need to consider how many candles you may need to illuminate your room, lighting candles can bring huge savings on electric bills offering more financial freedom to spend your money on other essential things.

2. Create a romantic/festive consuming less electricity.

The traditional way of lighting up our homes during festivities like Christmas or Diwali has gradually been replaced by electric decoration lights. Although they are easy to use, they can raise electricity bills quite a bit. Using candles not only saves you some money but also creates a romantic festive feeling that cannot be replicated by electric decoration’s atmosphere.

3. You will become more aware of the energy crisis and reduce your energy consumption.

Watching candles burn down and replacing them makes people more aware of their use of energy. When people use electricity, it becomes an unconscious cons

umption. Many times, people don’t turn off the lights while leaving the room and are unconcerned about that. On the other hand, when you are using candles, you will

tend to blow the air on the candle if you are not using it.

As a result, you become a more thoughtful consumer, and besides saving significant sums on electricity bills, you can help contribute to a positive living environment for the coming generations.

4. You can store candles for as long as you like.

Candles are one of the most practical sources of light that can be stored. Unlike candles, you cannot store electricity unless you store it or charge batteries beforehand. As a result, candles are super handy if you come across a sudden power outage. Generators are expensive and require fuel to run. Not every house is privileged to be equipped with either. If you depend on the power system entirely, you can be faced with hours of darkness. However, if you have a few candles at home, you could still benefit from lighting them and having a cosy ambience at home.

5. The use of candles may help fight the global climate crisis.

Natural gas, such as carbon dioxide, is one of the significant contributors to global warming and climate change. The major source of electricity in the world is coal. Such fossil fuels are nonrenewable and highly pollutant. By using a few candles in the evening instead of electricity, you could make a huge contribution to not only solving the energy crisis but also reducing carbon emissions from coal.

6. You can use candles as mosquito repellent.

Candles are great for repelling mosquitoes from your garden or patio. By using candles with certain fragrances, you can keep away mosquitoes and other annoying insects from home in a healthy manner. This not only serves as a source of light and ambience but also saves you money by keeping you from buying electric mosquito repellent that consumes electricity for one and is full of chemicals that may harm our health.

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