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Candle Care Kit Gold


This Candle Care Kit 4 pcs includes 


Wick Trimmer

Candle Salon wick trimmer is for maintaining your candle's wick properly. Our wick trimmer clips wicks to ensure a clean, even flame for a longer lasting candle and maximum fragrance. This wick trimmer is designed to easily lets you remove the clipped wick safely. 


Candle Snuffer

The Candle Salon Snuffer is to extinguish burning candles. The use of a snuffer helps to avoid problems associated with blowing hot wax. Aside from this, it also eliminate the chance of wax and soot getting on walls or other unwanted surfaces when blowing them out instead.


Wick Dipper 

Use Candle Salon's Wick Dipper to extinguish candles without the wick smoking. Dip candle wick into molten wax, lift and center. This process of quenching the wick eliminates wick smoldering and adds fuel to the wick for relighting. 


Storage bag

This little storage bag keeps your Candle Care kit together and free of dust. 

Grift wrapping
Hand written card



    This candle care kit is a must have for all the candle lovers. 

    Everything you need to maintain your favorit candle. 


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