Exclusive Organic Candles


The Candle Salon candles are made with the most eco-friendly vegetable wax made from the Brassica napus flower and the finest perfumes and essential oils. Our candles are vegan and free from additives, petroleum, preservatives, and phthalates. Our luxury candles are designed and hand-poured in Amsterdam. 

The housing program, "Woon Inspiraties" on RTL4,  follows people looking for new things to furnish or decorate their living room, bedroom, bathroom, or garden. Based on their wish list, the team searches for inspiration from beautiful companies within interior and housing. One of those companies is Candle Salon. 

Discover The Country Life Collection


This Collection is inspired by the beautiful countryside nearby Amsterdam. The countryside with small villages, is known for its characteristic architecture, windmills and authentic small shops.

We love the vibrant city, but once in a while we escape to the picturesque countryside to reload.




Discover Our Matches

These Beautiful long matches are a must have in your interior. In clean modern glass bottle with cork top and striker on the side for a smooth and easy strike.


Make your candle moments a beautiful experience with all the supplies needed.


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