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Holiday Collection Has Arrived

This Christmas, Candle Salon Amsterdam offers you a New Limited Edition Scent and Gifts Sets to fill every space. Spoil your loved ones with our Beautiful Scents.


Limited Edition Christmas Candle:

Enjoy the warm woody scent which evokes Christmas home coziness. With hints of pine, fir, cinnamon and cedar wood. The Perfect Gift This Christmas.


Merry Christmas!

Candle Salon

Eco-friendly, Vegan Candles


The Candle Salon candles are made with the most eco-friendly vegetable wax made from the Brassica napus flower and the finest perfumes & essential oils.


Our candles are vegan and free from additives, petroleum, preservatives & phthalates.


All our luxury candles are designed and hand-poured in Amsterdam. 

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Welcome to
Candle Salon

My name is Madeleine. Growing up I remember only a few events that regarded interior design and my love for fragrances.

When I lit my first luxurious French brand scented candle, I was sold. I had scented candles before, but this was a totally new and different experience. The scent, the ambiance, the joy, the love! A new world unfolded in front of me. I felt it so strongly, I knew I had to do something with this feeling. I wanted to capture this feeling and turn it into my own candle label.

And now I am the founder of Candle Salon and Chandelier of organic candles.  As Candle Salon grew enormously in a very short time, my daughters, husband and sons have now also become a part of  Candle Salon.

Let us bring some joy in your life with our Eco-friendly, Vegan Candles!

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Waking up, still in disbelieve
Being here, Feeling humble
Feeling grateful



Essential Line

With this first Candle Collection, Candle Salon Amsterdam designed 8 luxurious scents to warm your candle heart with excitement.


These amazing Candles tell a global story about our journey as chandlers:


Malibu Vibes refers to a holiday our family very much enjoyed at the Beaches of California.


Cocoboo is a scent that reminds us of our tropical background & vibes.


And the scent of Amber Amour is  for the love we share, care & pampering.


Create your own family memories as our candles bring you joy, ambiance and the feeling of well-being!

Hand Poured in white gloss coated glasses with a touch of gold to match each and everyone’s interior.

Essential Line Collection:

Mini Candle Set

The Gold Edition

The Mini Candles are now available in the Gold Edition for a more sophisticated and elegant look. Our mini candles are a perfect way to experience our different scents. 

Whether you are a fan of intriguing and sensual candle scents, sweet scents, or flowery scents, try them out and decide for yourself. 

The burn time per mini candle is approx. 9-10 hours. 


Discover the

XXL Candle Collection

Looking for the WOW factor in your interior or patio?


Look no further! This three-wick candle is hand-poured in a Black lantern filled with pure Brassica wax.


The metal frame is robust and stately to give that extra statement.

"Candle Salon heeft ons fantastisch goed en professioneel geholpen. Onze favorieten geuren in een mooi blikje en ook nog eens voorzien van ons eigen logo!

Dankzij jullie hebben wij heerlijke en unieke geurkaarsen voor onze klanten om zich direct helemaal thuis en happy te voelen in hun nieuwe woning."

Lisa Schenkers - 

Schenkers Makelaardij

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