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What Candle to buy if you can't choose

Candles are an easy and immediate way to accentuate your interior, but also for the purpose of creating distinct moods because of their scents. When it comes to picking the perfect candle, although being on the lower end of the decor range, there is more to consider than you may imagine.

When choosing candles, numerous variables must be considered. Each person is distinct and has their own set of tastes. With so many different scents to pick from, some will always be more enticing than others. Some people stick to a vegan lifestyle. Therefore they have to match up the fragrances that they choose and the ingredients in their candles. The intention of the candle is also must be considered. It helps to reduce options on fragrance by determining whether it is for mood or relaxation or to hide odors.

In this article, we will guide you on candle buying if you are unsure about what to choose!

Factors to consider while deciding what candle to buy if you can't choose

The first thing to think about is where you intend to place the candle. It is preferable to use subtle scents in kitchens, where I would avoid floral fragrances. Try a candle with a sweet or fresh scent that complements meal odors.

Nothing beats the placing of few candles on the table to create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner. However, the aroma should be mild and well-matched to the meal. Musky perfumes or highly scented candles are too strong for this use. Instead, opt for aromas that complement the food, such as cinnamon spice, biscotti, or honey. Combining a single scented candle with numerous unscented candles reduces the intensity of the fragrance while increasing the romanticism.

Other factors to consider are the size of the space. A larger candle may be required in an ample space or one with high ceilings. A small bathroom or study could probably do with just a small tin or jar. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules. If you prefer gentler scents, consider going smaller in a larger space, or vice versa.

Odor Neutralizing Candles

The most common reason for using a candle in the bathroom is to cover odors. Multiple scents should be avoided in the room. Most food scents do not mix well with toiletries, so avoid them if possible. Choose odor-neutralizing perfumes from the citrus family instead. Clean Rain and Ocean Breeze are two other smells that perform nicely for this purpose. Many odors neutralizing candles have "clean" scents with creative titles that do not indicate what they smell like, such as Clean Home or Fresh Air. On the candle, look for the word "odor neutralizing" to assist you in making the appropriate pick.

Vegan and Organic Candles

Avoiding candles made of beeswax or paraffin wax is essential for a vegan lifestyle. Stearic acid derived from animal fats is frequently found in paraffin wax. There are only a few firms that use paraffin wax with stearic acid from coconut. Brassica wax is the only option unless the candle label specifies that it contains vegan components. Fortunately, there are just as many fragrance options at Candlesalon while being a candle from brassica wax. Brassica wax is cruelty-free and non-hazardous to both humans & wildlife. The small yellow crops already serve to produce rapeseed oil and to feed animals. It has the lowest carbon footprint and does not create toxins when burned. All this makes our candles completely natural and safe for your environment. It wasn’t a difficult decision to go for Brassica wax. Brassica wax suits my company’s philosophy the best.

As a lady with an organic lifestyle, I'm always concerned with what my candles are born from. Vegan and organic candles are on a whole different level, and we provide them at Candlesalon.

Quality Matters

When buying scented candles, keep in mind that quality counts. Cheap candles rarely scent a room as well as higher-quality candles. If the scent is scarcely detectable when smelling it in the store, it will struggle to fill the room with its aroma at home. That doesn't imply you should spend a fortune on a single candle. It simply means that for great scents, stick to reliable candle companies.

What are your favorite scents?

When it comes to buying, gifting, or making candles, the most crucial consideration is usually selecting the best candle scents. How many times have you held a candle up to your nose to smell the scent?

Scents, in fact, play a vital role in our lives. And we are frequently drawn to a specific type of scent. Choosing a scented candle is analogous to selecting a personal fragrance such as perfume, body spray, or cologne. A Candlesalon, we provide you with a variety of scents to choose from.


Look for candle scents that are pleasing to the senses. Many people enjoy the aroma of fresh and satisfying juiciness of fruits and berries wafting through the kitchen. There are several candles that smell like berries, vanilla, and fruits. Choose a smell that complements the intended mood of the room.

Our Berry Black is a beautiful sweet scent of Black Raspberry, Blackberry, and Vanilla that throw vibrant and sweet aroma into the environment.


These are the earthy notes found in scents such as sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, and pine. They are frequently base notes that remind us of the images of places that are cozy, dry, and warm. All of the earthy notes of coniferous, bitters, and moss found in woodlands and mountainsides can be found in this category. Notes of cedar, sandalwood, and pine come to mind as earthy, smoky, and warm. Each gives rise to sentiments of confidence, boldness, and warmth.

Our woody scents include Amber Amour (an intriguing and sensual candle with the fusion of Amber, Cedar, and Sandalwood), Indian Essence ( containing woody notes of Spices, Incense, and Patchouli), Our Malibu Vibes candles reminisces on the beautiful holiday on Malibu beach with appealing scents of Seasalt, Cardamon, and Dark Musk.


These are energizing and bright scents. Consider smells like citrus, green herbal, and fruity. These are pretty popular among the younger generation and are ideal for the bathroom!

Cocoboo (consisting of Lemon verbena, ripened coconut, and fresh lime), Sunset Orange (Fresh citrus aroma with Bergamot, Blood orange, and Neroli) are some of our aromas with fresh notes.


These are fragrances that wouldn't need an explanation. They are the kinds you crave to eat! The vanilla, cinnamon, and honey scents. We frequently hear from parents that they must keep these 'yummy' smell out of reach of their kids...


These are perfumes derived from flower fragrance bases. The floral scent is all about e rose, daisy, sweet pea, lavender, Orchid, and other floral notes. These are the most popular scents that people check before purchasing as gifts.

Our floral scents include: Hidden figs, Salty Orchid (a smooth and elegant blend of soft floral notes with Seasalt, Lily of the Valley, and Tonka bean)

Select a candle

So, before choosing a candle, consider what kinds of aromas you generally prefer. Which category would they fall under?

Consider perfumes that combine two of your favorite things. For example, I adore the Amber & Sandalwood smell, which is a combination of fresh and woody notes. I appreciate the balance of these scents, and they are our most popular blends.

Mini Candles Set: Perfect solution to wipe out your dilemma!

If you've gone through all of the steps, you should have a decent idea of the candle fragrances you prefer. If you're still unsure, try our mini candles set to find out which candle scents are best for you!

At Candlesalon, we offer you our exquisite set of mini candles beautifully poured in a Golden Candle Tin. Purchasing these mini-sets could be the best option because you can try all of these candles without feeling guilty and make a decision after you have burnt them all.

Our mini candles are a perfect way to experience our different scents. Try as many minis as you would like.

All of our candles are made with Brassica wax, premium essential and perfume oil, hand-poured in our salon in Amsterdam. Our candles are made with a lot of care and passion. All of our candles are free of additives, preservatives, petroleum, and phthalates.

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