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6 AM - Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Light and Powdery

Beautiful Airy Candle Scents with Cotton Blossom, Violet and Powder.


Scent Throw Rate

* * 


8 AM - My Favorite Spa

Feeling Rejuvenated

Calming Candle with scents of Lemongrass, Lime, Sugar and Patchouli.


Scent Throw Rate

* * * *


2 PM - Blossom Joy

Flower Bouquet 

Flower explosion with scents of Lily of the Valley, Rose and Carnation.


Scent Throw Rate

* * * 


10 PM - Truly Jaslyn

Sensual Excitement

Soft and Dreamy Candle with the scents of Ginger, Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Amyris.



Scent Throw Rate

* * * * 

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